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Star Guitar Dimensions

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I always thought of the star as a ripoff of the Ironbird...but I really don't know which came first.


The thing I like the most about BC Rich is the shapes...the rest sucks...I even bought a KK Wartribe once and even that was a POS.

I did play a USA Rich once though which was really well put together..but it was still neck heavy.

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I have a question.

When squaring out the area between the Floyd Rose bridge and the locking nut do you include the whole bridge or only up to the point at which the strings go into the bridge? And also do you only go up to the nut or the other side of the nut or the center of the nut (this being a locking nut the strings are clamped down in the middle right?).

Basically I'm confused as to how much to include to the left and right of the squared area.

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I normally import these images into CAD and scale them based on the distance from the 12th fret to the nut if the fingerboard is of a known scale and is not compensated. It usually leaves me within a few mm of the actual size which is about 1% accuracy tolerance. Many product shots that appear to be completely "front on" possess a significant degree of distortion so I only use this method to determine the body size roughly and checking accuracy by other knowns such as the width of an EMG or string spacing at the bridge.

It is doubtful you will find the exact dimensions of this design unless somebody physically has one in addition to the time to measure it. I would take a (usually less than) 1% tolerance as being better for immediate results so unless you are after a perfect perfect perfect copy, scale away in CAD or Photoshop as mentioned.

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