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Finishing A Neck Through Bc Rich Eagle

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Hello all. I am currently in the midst of a few projects. This just became my new priority haha.

This is a BC Rich Eagle made out of Hawaiian Koa. The guitar was never completed and I will be finishing her off. Its looking like shes going to get gold grovers, a gold original floyd, and some creme pickups (not sure of company yet). I need some advice on finishing the guitar. The guy I got it from said it can be glossed or oil rubbed. I have a basic understanding of the difference but I need to know more about them. If i decide to gloss or oil rub what are going to be the materials needed and are there any tutorials I can review. I dont want to just jump into this and ruin a fine instrument. I have plans to practice before I go ahead and do the finish.

Figure id refer to the board before even attempting anything.

Heres pics of the guitar so you can get a sense of what Im dealing with





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Nice... Needs a big MOP "R" inlaid on the headstock...

Not having a control recess makes it appear to be a pre-Ed Roman era B.C. Rich. Yeah that one might have gotten an oil finish at the factory or a gloss one... who knows.. but a Tru-Oil or Danish oil finish would be appropriate if you wanted to go with a rubbed finish rather than a spray one. There are lots of good oil finishing tutorials on the net... I'd suggest googling around for that.

Great find though... for sure my favorite of the B.C. Rich's. I had a Bernie Rico era Eagle from around '78 when I was 19 around '89... wish I had that back ... (Hind Sight is 20/20)

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Thanks for the advice and help with authenticating the piece. I was told the guitar was created at the custom shop quite some time ago. It was never finished and thats where the story ended. Now here I am to bring her to life! Whats the difference protection wise? I would assume a few layers of gloss might help not dent the instrument. Is the oil finish susceptable to more damage?

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