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Replacing A 12 String Bridge

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Hello. This bridge is cracked and needs to be taken off and replaced. First off, does anyone know where I can get a replacement? I havent seen any online in this shape. Im thinking I might have to reconstruct it with a blank board from stewmac. Ive read that the entire bridge will need to be reglued and clamped into place. Whats a good way to go about removing the old bridge? Ive heard of using heat but I dont grasp the concept well. This seems like an easy fix but everything ive read says not to attempt it lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Heres some pics of the instrument and the crack.




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make your own !

in shape whatever you want it !

as i can see, the bridge is already glued off of top.

put a wet towel and iron it and try pull it of.

heat a knife or something like that and push it under.

the job is half done !

take everything from bridge, take another piece of ebony and copy the broken bridge.

just do it !

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I'm using dremel for jobs like this. my router is too big for that.

but, the dremel is also on stand.

first, make outline contour. cut the outline shape, make it nice. and then rout the cavity on proper depth and wide, while the top of the bridge is still flat.

drill the holes for pins, and finally make the top contour. sand it and glue it last !

ebony is hard wood and there is no fear of breaking something.

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Thank you so much. I feel a lot more confident now. Im going to get me a blank piece of ebony and get cracking. Ive never had a 12 string so this should be a nice addition to my collection. Now when you reglue her to the body what do you use? I would assume titebond and some clamps?

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I would recommend laying some sandpaper over the area where the bridge will be glued so that the grit is faced up, and then sand the bottom of the bridge so that it has the same contour as the top of the guitar. You will get a better gluing area and the bridge will be more stable.

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