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Cort Guitar, I Need To Identify!

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hey guys, while i was at my favorite guitar store last night i discovered a 1986 Cort guitar that i didn't realize they made. it is the Dean ML body style with a normal cort headstock. it is a set neck with a two humbucker setup. in place of a typical les paul style three way switch it has a mini 3 way. it has another switch right below it that is 2 position, but it makes no apparent difference in tone, leading me to believe it is disconnected. i will crack open the electronics cavity tonight and find out. it has a fender style tremolo but my fender tremolo arm doesn't fit in it, the cavity is slightly larger, but it is differently setup than the average floyd rose.

it has two volume and one tone. it is white but has faded pretty well to yellow. the shop that i bought it from (SRH soundworks, Claremont, NH) told me that it was constructed of plywood, but i am not certain. at the very least it is multi laminate.

it has a brass nut, and 3 dots for each inlay, which are also made of brass. any help would be lovely.

thanks guys.

- Brian L. H. ,

Bleak Tricks Guitar Co.

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i'll post pictures this evening.

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