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Drop B Tuning...

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On my other lp (the one that works!!! lol) I've currently dropped it to b and for some reason I can't get the 5th fret on the bottom b string to sound right... it sounds slightly flat...

as i don't have the proper tools to do it atm does anyone have an idea why this is? bear in mind it is just that one fret that seems to be out... if i go back to c sharp (damn mac keyboards!!) and play the third fret it sounds fine....

is this the neck not being straight?

it's an epi and has the std plastic nut on it would it help to change this?

ta peeps...

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Low tuning with floppy tension will invariably cause intonation issues from the outset although it sounds strange that it is one single fret. LPs have scale lengths which are too short for reasonable stability when downtuning a 5th without super high gauges.

You should run through the entire setup checklist as a rule. It could be caused by overall intonation, your nut (and any compensation it may have, although I'm not up on Epi's), low string tension, badly crowned/seated frets, etc.

Changing the nut will likely just make things worse as a factory nut can just be tuned slightly for even action at the nut end. Pop a capo over the 12th fret and observe the remaining height of the strings above the crown of the first fret. Too high and you have problems with high nut slots. Just one part of a setup. I would take the instrument setup from the top if it hasn't been done so in that tuning.

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