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Ground Problem


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so a while back I posted about a nameless old neck-thru that I acquired

Over Christmas I finally got it strung up and found it had quite a hum. The hum disappears when I put my hand on the bridge. To begin with I suspected the bridge ground wire and for sure it had some resistance so I took the bridge off and soldered it to the underside. I now get a negligable resistance between the bridge and the input jack but the hum is still there. It still goes away when I touch the bridge.

I'm having a hard time figuring this one out so any ideas would be good. I'm even starting to wonder if the amp i'm playing through might have an earth fault.

It's HH 2xvol 2xtone with a dpdt toggle providing tap on both humbuckers.

Otherwise this is a really sweet guitar so far. It's the first time I've re-fretted and it's gone pretty well.

Edit: Sorry, I guess this should be in the electrics forum. My bad. Mods, please move it when you get a chance.

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I brought another guitar and another cable over today. It's not the amp. I've also had a meter all over the guitar. everything that should be grounded is grounded and sees less than .4 ohm to the output jack. That includes the pickup backplates so the brade on the pickup wires must be intact too. It does seem to be the bridge pickup that has the issue (or maybe it's just the higher output?).

The hum doesn't go away if I independently ground myself while holding it: I have to touch something that's connected to the guitar's ground in order to kill the hum.

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