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How Tight Should A Bolt On Neck Joint Be?

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Hi all...

How tight should a neck fit into a neck pocket? Should it just drop in? Should it be snug enough where you have to press hard with the palm of your hand to get it seated all the way? Or is a bit of wiggle ok?

Reason I'm asking is because I've generally made my pockets tight, but, I was watching a video today where someone was assembling a strat clone with pre-made parts. The neck just plopped in with ease an no pressing down to seat it was necessary.

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As with all guitar questions,the answer is "it depends"

Are you using a hard finish or oil?If it is oil you make it snug...just snug..you should not force it in.

If you are using a hard finish,how thick are you making that finish and are you letting the finish go into the neck pocket?I think you should always finish the pocket of a bolt on to keep moisture from getting under the finish at the edges..not a thick glossy finish,but at least something.

If you finish it you have to leave enough room for both the finish in the neck pocket and the finish on the neck...

Premade parts already have some room for the finish.

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A lot of people on here will say you have to have the neck snug enough to support the weight of the body when you lift it.

I disagree, unless you're making a set neck. Even so, all your looking for is a "fit". There shouldn't ge any visible gap, but you shouldn't have to hammer the neck into place.

As Wes said, consider your finishing options during construction.

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