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Fretting Maple Neck

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I'm interested in your way of fretting maple necks !

ok, lets skip almost the whole build and talk about sequences.

my way should be like this.

- making the neck, just like the one with rosewood and etc.

either way, one piece or putting a maple fingerboard.

- sanding

- lacquering

- putting frets (and all work on them)

- polish

+ it's easier to remove frets (after)

- lacquer can break in process of hammering the frets, or putting major scratches in finish

- lacquering over frets... hmmmm... I see that almost everyone does like that... but cleaning them, and changing them later would be pain in the ass.

I don't know anymore .... :D

I will give it a try and lacquer over frets.

it's more safer that work will be done perfect !


- making the neck (shape, contour....)

- sanding

- fretting

- removing all scratches (IF)

- lacquering

- cleaning frets

- polish

I'm open for your tips & tricks :D

best wishes ! B)

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As far as I am concered its just like fretting any other neck. Then you seal it with laquer. I have never heard of anybody trying to install frets over lacquer.

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