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Volume Pots Used As Tone Pots


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I just got a new LP Style guitar. It was re-wired by the original owner as he didnt like the way the volume worked. He said:

"I noticed that the volume dropped very suddenly between 8 and 10, and became inaudible by around 6. On the other hand, all the change with the tone pot occured between 0 and 2

I have a Gibson SG, which is wired from stock (like most production Gibson models) with log for tone and linear for volume. And that guitar responds incredibly well to pot adjustments.

So I experimented with the reversal, and what do you know: volume and tone usable across the range. Regarding the volume, it is probably not ideal for quick volume swell since you really need to reach 0 to kill the sound. But if like me you use your volume pot to clean up the sound, it can go from clean to full grit with everything in between."

In his defence, the volume pots work great and the volume is very responsive, dying out completely somewhere between 1 and two.

But the tone controls now do nothing. i can turn them either way but they dont change the sound of the guitar for either pickup.

is this because logarithmic pots dont work as tone pots, or does it sound like a botched wiring job?

The pots currently wired up to the tone have the following written on them: EP086 500K 9046 CT

Thanks for any help!

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is this because logarithmic pots dont work as tone pots, or does it sound like a botched wiring job?

Any pot of the right value will work, whether it's log, linear, anti log ect. that's only the taper, the max and min values will be the same so pos. 10 and 0 will be the same. ie it's a botched wiring job :D

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