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String Nut Grooves

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I've been having some string buzzing on a Strat and an Epiphone LP. I've adjusted the necks and set the bridges, but there are still some issues. I may have determined that maybe the string grooves on the production nuts were cut too deeply. In reading some of the guitar building books, it's recommended to cut the grooves 1/2 the thickness of the string. I've noticed that the factory production nuts all seem to have the bass strings fully bedded in the nut as opposed to resting on it about 1/2 way down the string's thickness in the groove. Is this a production mistake? Also in reading the Stew Mac material, Erlwin suggests cutting the groove a bit at a time and and measuring against string height against the fret board. He says nothing about the depth of the cut other than implying via the string height. Any thoughts?

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