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Concerned About My Pickups


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I own some Dimarzio Pickups. I placed 2 new replacement pickups on top of my old installed pickups for less than 30 seconds. I just wanted to see what they looked like with my paint job (cream and black vs. just black).

I have read that pickups need to be stored apart and preferably wrapped up and not touching. But keep in mind the new pickups were sitting on the strings and not in contact with the old pickups.

Anyways here is my concern. Did I do any damage to the pickups?

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I've never heard this? To my knowledge other alnico magnets should not be strong enough to de/re-gauss other alnico magnets. Now neodinium magnets stored with alnico magnets is another beast... but if alnicos were powerful enough to mess with one another I'd imagine this would cause a LOT of issues for pickup-making companies with shipping and storage?

Correct me if I'm wrong?


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All the pickups in my shop are stored in close proximity to each other, with dividers who's only purpose is to label the pickup. blades, alnico, neodinium, actives, passives, etc.

I've only had one die on me, and it had to do with the bobbin being made of ebony, and me dropping it on a concrete floor... Not to say that all Ebony shatters, but apparently I dropped this one just right lol.

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