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Thanks for the great tutorial

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Unfortunately my camera doesn't have a manual focus and takes horribly blurry pictures up close, so this is the best I could do. Just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial for broken headstocks by posting my pics.

This guitar belongs to a friend. He purchased it almost ten years ago and broke the headstock off 8 months after he bought it. It's been sitting in a case ever since as he didn't have the cash to get it fixed. It had been sitting around for so long he though there wasn't really much to lose by getting me to fix it if I made a mistake.

The headstock snapped clean off. He was practising in his room, turned and it hit his dresser. Thankfully it happened just behind the locking nut.


In all I used a bar clamp, two spring clamps, and a C clamp to hold this all together, making sure to use a LOT of paper towels with the bar and C clamps so I wouldn't scratch the wood. It's too bad the close up is blurry. The seam where the neck snapped is virtually invisible.


Here's the neck attached again. It's not strung up in this picture but has been strung up and intonated since. It plays just like it did when he first bought it.


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