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Bridge Stud Spacing

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What stud spacing do u drill to?

Ever notice that when viewing wraparound bridges on Stew-Mac, they say Stud Spacing = 3-1/4"

but when u view the drawing the dimension from center to center is never 3.250. For example, the pigtail is 3.220"

I drilled to 3.220" on my last build and found a lot of side-to-side slop. Is this normal??? Not a big deal when string tension is applied, but I wanna make sure i didn't do something wrong. If i would have drilled to 3-1/4 exactly, i would have less slop.

So what do u guys drill to?? 3.250 or to the bridge specs????

Thanks guys!!!!

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I was going to let the folks that have done more than one TOM answer this.....

Ok, I'll go first. I waited till I had the bridge and tail piece and measured them. I don't recall what the actual measurements were, only that they were perfect for the bridge in hand. I expect that's the way I'll always do it.


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trying to remember what i actually do, something like this ...

with the neck attached i work out a centreline (from the edges of the neck) and mark on the scale length - i draw a scale length line bisecting the centre line at a right angle. If the bridge has a post centres distance of 80mm (cant remember what they actually are) then i would mark 40mm either side of the centre line on the scale length and recheck that i have measured 80mm.

but it needs to intonate so the bridge studs need moving back a bit from the scale length. I move the treble side one back by 1.5mm and the bass one back by 3mm.

you may realise that by moving the studs straight back from the scale length line i have actually created marks for the studs which could be more than the 80mm i was aiming for. not usually a problem, at worst it means teh bridge wont fall off so easily - but you can re-check the distance from the centreline

doesnt really need that much explanation. mark it, check it, check it again - drill it

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