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Ibanez Pickguard

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I have a mid 90's Ibanez RG USA custom. It came with pockets for a H/S/H pickup configuration. I want to change it to a H/S/S setup running EMG's. The plan I had for doing this was to make a custom pickguard out of possibly polished aluminum as a way to hold the pickups and to cover the gap that would be left by mounting a single coil in a pocket for a humbucker. I'm a toolmaker/machinist so the task of actually making won't be a problem. My question is: does anyone have a schematic for this guitar or any suggestions on how to find the locations of the components on the face of the guitar?

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Did a refinish and changed pickguards on a couple of Ibanez RG's not to long ago. When I inquired about gettin them made from one of the internet custom pickguard suppliers, they told me RG pickguards can vary depending on which factory they were made in and would only make them if you supply the original or a tracing of it to them. My suggestion, since you'll be making your own, is to use it for a template. You'll have to figure out the pickup locations on your own, but with your background in machining, I think you should be able to handle it. Just center the SC up on the humbucker location and you're good to go.

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