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Neck Held On By String Tension

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There was recently a post about some type of neck heel that held the neck on by string tension . The diagram certainly showed the neck being held in by a bolt, but thats besides the point. :D

It made me chuckle because I've been working on a neck joint that has no bolts, glue or screws so its interchangeable and easily buildable.

I have no less than two working solutions to the problem, pics coming very soon, but I'm just curious...

Anyone else messed about with this or heard of neck joints that require no mechanical means of attachment?


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Swiss luthier Lukas Brunner, invented a new attachement system for his "outdoor line" but you still must tighten it...

The luthier website with pics of the outdoor guitars:

Brunner Guitars

HA! lucky bastard, I just noticed that Don Alder, my favourite acoustic player is one of his customer!


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Thats cool. I like the little case! I'm thinking more along the lines of easily do-able though. I have one thats mostly built, and its sort of a set neck, but without permanent attachment. I am going to try a bass too, just to see if it will work out. If so, I may have a new neck joint. ( or two ) ...

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So, to bring this back to life, my current build is utilizing a no screws, no glues attachment method. The upper arm/ no tension necks are from the same brain-storming session, but in a totally different direction. This application will utilize the string tension to hold the neck in place.

On my 'trussless bass neck' thread, I showed one way of attaching a neck with no screws or glue,using a dovetail channel thru the pocket. This way is SOOO much more clever than that one, although they both work.

I have a 3rd method as well, but I stuffed up the proto and have to try that one again.

To try and describe it, the neck comes up thru the body between the pups and the tension holds it there.

Yes, its really that simple. It's a great combination of set-neck upper fret access with bolt-on changeability.

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100% positive. That "fit" that I showed is now out of the body while I smooth it down. I admitted in those pics that it looked rough, and it did/does, but its removeable.

...now that piece of purpleheart IS glued to the neck heel- my apologies on that one- that neck wasnt carved out of a thick enough blank. Carved from a 2" thick neck blank, the dovetail is part of the neck- no glue required.

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nah, i know - i was just teasing!

but for me the main problem with a glue less neck will be tolerance. any slop in the join will leave potential for movement and it not quite sitting right. but if it is all nice and tight any wood movement can change that. its either going to end up tighter or looser at some point

i would also worry about loss of transmission between body & neck if the fit is not spot on

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Here you go. No glue, No bolts, No tennon, No nothin. Just all one single piece of timber. Why complicate things :D


No disturbance of vibration/transmission between the neck & body either. I know it probobly not the point here. But screw it (or dont, more to the point)

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