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Strat Question

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If a Strat body is supposed to be a flatish surface, and, the neck should then be parallel, setting the bridge saddle height even with the frets should be OK, right. In my theoretical scenario, when the strings are put on in the nut slots, the strings, will be at the optimal height for good action. The string do not set down very deep into the slots and this should work without any string buzz right?. Set me straight here, I'm just trying to properly set the the saddle height for good results. And is this theory the same for all bolt on Strat style guitars?.

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If you set the saddles at the same height as the frets, the strings will angle down from the nut to the saddle, being closer to the last fret than the first. I'm fairly certain if you try this the strings will buzz in open positions and get progressively worse as you go up the neck. Don't forget to factor in the path of the vibrating string when you ponder this. But what the heck, try it out and see how you make out!

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