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building First neck through

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I've only ever built two replacement bolt-on necks for my guitar.

My problem is the part on the neck that will join the upper horn of the body.

Is my Neck piece supposed to be cut the whole way with the neck profile or is it suppposed to be square after the last fret?

If you know what i'm TRYING to say......... :D

Thanks guys

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GuitarMaestro Posted on Jan 7 2004, 01:23 PM

  I think there is no fixed rules. There are many necks that become square at the joint, but I prefer necks that keep their profile as long as possible and morph into the body contour in an organic way. Just look at pictures of neck-through guitars and copy the joint you like. 

yeah i totally agree!

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you can to it either way, profiling the neck the hole way thru will make the neck a bit easier for you i think, then just glue some ruff cuts wings on and do your shaping from there

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