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5 Way Switch Help


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Hey guys,

I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've started a new project, and I'm really not good at electronics. I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I want to use 2 P-Rails pickups in the following configuration:


Later I want to add a piezo bridge. This is more or less a strat style guitar. I was thinking I could use a five way blade switch in place of the 3 way toggle in the schematic, and just leave the third pole open until I get the money together to buy the bridge. Will that give me any problems? Also, if I buy a piezo bridge later and connect it to the third pole, will it function as I'd expect?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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It's tough to answer that question since you didn't tell us how you expect it to work. However, here are a couple thoughts/ideas. You'll have to do some much more complicated wiring if you want to be able to use the piezo with both pickups engaged than what is shown in the link. You will need a buffer circuit onboard so that the levels and impedances will match up correctly. I am a fan of the cafe walter pzp-1 preamp; easy to build and install effective, though the trim pot at the output of the circuit should we wired differently to produce a wider range of output levels, in my opinion. But here is what I would do instead of a 5 way. I would do a three way and then use a blend pot that blends between the output of the three way switch and the piezo buffer output. I did this on a bass and I really like how you can continuously dial in the mix between the two. But that's just me.

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Thanks for your reply, Ripthorn. I see the confusion. Let me be more specific. The intention would be to use an L.R. Baggs X-Bridge with the Control X Preamp. The five way switch would work like this:

Position 1: X-Bridge

Position 2: X-Bridge + Neck Pickup

Position 3: Neck Pickup

Position 4: Neck Pickup + Bridge Pickup

Position 5: Bridge Pickup

I see your point, but it would be preferable for me to be able to switch to the piezo sound in the middle of a song, without having to mess with knobs. Think it would work?

Thanks again,


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What you have listed above will work with a 5 way, no problems. Have fun with it. If you use a superswitch, you could possible do even more, but then again, I tend to go way over the top on my electronics just for the heck of it.

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