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Hey guys need some advice on a project i am working on. Now im not new to working wood have been making furniture for 20 years but have never done sprayed finishes so need some advice on the following.

I was given a crappy Japanese made strat copy in poor condition which i want to try and turn into a playable guitar I have removed the colored poly top coat and am about to sand the clear sealer coat off the entire surface. Im not looking for a "showroom" mirror finish im not a good enough sprayer to do that but can someone give me a simple quick and nasty description of the materials and method of spraying this body so that it at least looks good at least to the limits of my ability. Do i need an undercoat? A clear top coat? whats the process.

Thanks in advance


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If you are sanding it down to bare wood, I recommend using a nitrocellulose Lacquer finish. It is extremely forgiving and produces an extremely high gloss finish. There is plenty to know about how to do this, but it's probably your best chance of success. I use Behlen Stringed instrument lacquer. This has to be sprayed with a paint gun, and may take as many as 16-20 coats. You will need two quarts, and a supply of lacquer thinner. There are a few things to know, to avoid failure, one of them is to understand what "blush" is, and how to handle it. Let me know if you could use additional information. Nitrocellulose lacquer is a very do-able finish for a beginner, provided you have some patience. Actually, it takes more patience than skill.

Best Regards,

Paul Vogt


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