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How To Work Out A 3/4 Scale Length?

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OK... So I want to build my girlfriend a bass. She has a full sized one at the moment but it's a bit too big for her as she's quite petite.

So, My question is, How would I work out the 3/4 scale length? I've had a look at some 3/4 basses but they all (Or most) say 34" scale length. So would that mean I'd take 3/4 of 34" which would make it 25.5"? Or am I completely wrong here?

Sorry if this has been covered already but the forum won't let me search the term "3/4" and "Three Quarter Length" yields no useful results.

Thanks in advance.

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thats right - but 25.5" is a guitar scale length and wont work well for bass. most short scale basses are about 30" scale - you dont want it shorter than that and you should find its enough to make quite a difference! you should be able to find something that size at the local guitar shop to see if it will work for her

also be careful with body shape/design to make sure she isnt having to reach too far for the first frets. if you look at something like a gibson thunderbird - the shape of the body puts the neck further towards your left hand meaning you have to stretch further than on a P or J-bass with the same scale length

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