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How To Hold The Guitar

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I have tried many ways to finish my Gibson style guitar but i have problems with gravity..I hang my guitar from ceiling vertical but i think

i need a new wat to make my finish...i need to hold it horizontal for at least 2-3 minutes to evaporate and be less fluid...How do you spray

your finishes???just need to know other aspects....thank you ina advance!!

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I hang vertical when I can because that's what I have the most room for and it the easiest to hang. I've tried spraying bursts like that and find it hard to do though. I made a craddle to hold it by the neck and a screw where the strap button goes, but that has problems with painted necks. I'm trying to figure out a better horizontal system but have not gotten there yet. I'm going to build a spray booth soon and don't want it 6' tall to be able to hang a guitar, so I need to come up with something to work horizontally.

I can get almost flat finishes hanging vertically so you can get very good finishes vertically, it just take time to work out your spray settings to get it just right.

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