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Changing From A Les Paul Bridge To A Strat Syle Bridge

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I'm currently butchering together a kay audition (think that's right... read cheap) guitar that i bought for £15...

it had a les paul (used in loosest terms) style bridge / tail piece and I'm thinking of replacing it and getting either a bridge tailpiece in one or a strat style hard tail...

as i was planning on moving it further down the body than the original bridge will this make it difficult to tune up properly due to shift in scale length?

if it will cause problems i'll guess i'll stick with the original... :D

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Your frets are spaced apart for a certain scale length. So you should try to place your bridge as close as you can to the same position where the strings break over the LP style bridge. If you move the bridge forward or backword at all, you'll have problems with intonation, and everything you play will sound wrong.

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well the pickups can be sold if anyone want's em! I'm replacing them with a couple of single coil rails that i've had sitting around for a previous project that hadn't come to fuition... or maybe some humbuckers... i've got a small pile of them from all the cheap guitars i seem to buy and pull apart and never finish!! lol...

I wasn't sure of the string height etc and I realised that there would be absolutely no chance of using the strat style bridge... unless I maybe shaved the neck down a bit to lower the height that way... but tbh... it cost me £15... not gonna break my back trying to do stuff like that to use a strat bridge... looking now at one of the wraparound stoptail type bridges just need to work out how to ground it or wether to bother or not!! still want to keep the on/off switches per pick up so need to look into how to wire them all up together!

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have you got a picture of yours then?

having sold a few teisco's over the last few years i can say the basic models will fetch £80 on a bad day, £150 on a good. Certain models go for a fair bit more del rays and spectrums being the most sought after.

But sometimes it is worth parting them out and selling it as a lot of 99p no reserve auctions - especially if its not in great shape or has a few key parts missing. I got £60 just for a badly refinished body and scratchplate of a less desirable top twenty... compared to £100 for a better condition complete example of the same guitar. Both listed at the same time with honest descriptions!

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ebay link similar guitar

I bought it to practice doing up a guitar as it was only £15... I currently have... 4 other guitars in bits and a les paul custom 2 that i changed the pickups on...

This one is going to be a full resto type effort with a few mods along the way... I'm planning on changing frets and nut etc just to basically learn how to do it... looking at the price on that I'm kinda wishing i hadn't pulled it apart now! lol...

altho it had a big chunk out og the headstock which i'm currently building back up and with me changing the bridge I've got the ground hole in it fillered and drying... as well as the rest of the drill holes...

was initially going to be a scratchplate replacement job only but the more i've looked at it the more i've thought i might as well have a go as if i screw it up i only paid £15 for it rather than £150 if you know what i mean...

The other project gutars are a vintage les paul (which is in my other thread... bit scared about fooking that one up more than i already have!) a johnny brooks tele... which was a really nicely made guitar for £50 but the electrics were shocking... as in the neck pickup went after 20mins.. tho the bridge pup sounded really nice... i made the mistake of saying... "I'm gonna paint that" and a year on i still haven't managed to prime it yet!! lol... I though with this one as it's plywood (the crappy layered wood... dead easy to chisel the body out!) I would make a pretty much throw away guitar to pracice my building / soldering skills!

still need to decide on 2 singles or 2 humbuckers... was planning on making it almost look the same with the individual on / off switches too!!

need to find out about replacing the nut.. but i'll need to sort a pic out of that! :D

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this is the body after first maul ready for 2 singles or 2 humbuckers, the crap on the bottom is filler... large hacked hole from the fatory putting a earth wire to the bridge...


This is the body after 2nd maul today and sanding of filler on the end... much more room for the third pick up... gonna be quite close to the bridge tho... :D the 2 holes just near the bottom of the hole is where the bridge will be going... gone for a wraparound one... should work out nicely...


This is the proposed layout of the pups... got a strat scratch plate somewhere so I'll see if I can line them up similar... though i think i may just go for straight as per brian may guitar in previous link...


Closeup on pup... rail magnet... apparently reasonably loud too...

think i'm going to attempt one of the brian may guitar layouts with the 6 switches...

Making the scratch plate out of 2 sheets of hips plastic glued together to give the proper thickness... that'll be white and the hardware's gonna be black....

what colour should i finish the guitar in??? thinking black or possibly a really dark blue... or should i put some patterns on it.... AAArrrggghhhh... who knows!!! :D

why didn't pics work? damn site went down... grr... ass... fixed...

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Marking out bridge


Test fit of bridge to make sure it's in the right place... holes only about 1mm deep so bridge does look slightly off...


fully drilled holes... deep enough too... time to decide what colour to paint!!!


also... forgot to add... I don't seem to be able to edit previous post and not sure how to resize the pics on here so if anyone wants to shed light please do... or edit previous post!!


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