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Preamp Battery Off


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I admit this question is probably way too easy for most of you guys, but I want to use a Ghost piezo system in my new project, which will include the Acousti-Phonic preamp. I get SO SICK of unplugging my cable in the middle of church to save on battery life. Can I just set up some sort of switch that will disconnect the battery or something, so it won't drain? Assuming my magnetic pickups/piezo pickups/both switch is in the magnetics only position, would I hear a pop when I turned it off? And would I run into any other weird buzz-type/whatever problems?

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.


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No problem.

It is indeed an electrolytic cap. I would make sure that the cap isn't permanently across the supply when the jack isn't activating the circuit though. I'm not 100% on this, but it is the first thing I would try. Maybe 1-10uf? Pre-amps are pretty low current so it doesn't need to be huge. It may already have one as part of its design so I would look into that.

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I had a bass that had a power switch on it instead of using the output jack to switch it. I hated it because I would forget to turn off the switch and then I'd have a dead battery the next day. I'd rather have to unplug the cord, less aggravating for me personally.

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