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Hsh Phase Question


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I am building a HSH guitar which will have 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions (Dimebucker & Pearly Gates respectively) and I'm considering putting in a middle pickup that I already have (a red Lace Sensor). The thing is the single coil was pulled from the bridge position of a Strat and is therefore a regular wound/normal polarity. I'm thinking if I completely reverse the phase of the humbuckers I'll still be able to get hum cancelling combinations in the 2 & 4 position (when coil-splitting the humbuckers of course), but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it...

Normally with Seymour Duncans: green (S start) goes to ground, red (S finish) & white (N finish) are joined and are the coil tap, and black (N start) is the output. For my scenario to function properly would I need to:

(a) use the coil starts as the coil tap? i.e. red to ground, black & green coil tap, and white output;

(:D simply reverse the standard wiring? i.e. green to output and black to ground (red & white remain joined at the coil tap)

© something else entirely

Thanks for any help!

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