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Help With Type Of Wood Body Is Made Of?

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I have a 1983 NJ Mockingbird that has been sitting in the closet forever because it has some MAJOR body damage around the controls area. I did not find this out until i stripped the primer off it after i got it. So it sat.

Won a bridge on ebay the other night for it so i figure it is time to bring it back to life.

Catalog scan from 1983 says it is supposed to be Maple, but i don't think it looks like maple. Far from being any kind of woodworking expert, what do i know.

After scanning google images it looks more like Alder. Or even maybe some type of Mahogany?

I cut the offending corner of the guitar off with the plan of gluing up a chunk of wood to it to rebuild that part of the guitar. I want to use the same type of wood and have the grain run the same to hopefully keep expansion/contraction problems to a minimum. I figure that is the way to do it.

I hope someone can tell me from the picture what type of wood it is.

Thanks for your time.


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I hope someone can tell me from the picture what type of wood it is.

Mostly Bondo

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Still looks like maple to me.I see no open grain..all I see is some tearing across the face of one piece that might be confused for open grain and a bunch of bondo.

Maple does have straight grain when oriented that way.I have quite a few flatsawn boards in my closet that have that exact grain on the "quartersawn" edge...though none so beat up as that.

And in 1983 NJ series BC Riches were just lousy with crappy pieces of maple.

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