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My Second Build Sc (finished)

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some really nice detail work - but i am less sure about some of the design choices, like that headstock with a massive butterfly inlay. Both elements on there own are great.

the colour is superb

edit: actually the more i look the more i like the juxtaposition of those two features

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I'm a little surprised at the lack of comments. This is a beautiful build for any number or experience level. I'm not a fan of the headstock, but am a big fan of the neck join. The detail work is first rate as well.

Great job.


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Looks fantastic. The finish looks really nice, and I like the design (although the butterfly seems a tad out of place for me). Great looking inlay, I love the soundholes and the somewhat understated one piece top. I wish my second was anywhere as nice as that, maybe at number 6 or so...

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I'm a little surprised at the lack of comments.

I think it's really nice,it's just that everything looks so professional that I just don't have much to comment on.The butterfly inlay is a personal choice and is well executed,and I try never to say anything about a personal choice on a guitar,because he isn't making it for me.

I know how tough it is to get a good looking sculpted heel on a SC,so kudos.

You tends to get more comments around here when something sucks..so a lack of comments can be a good thing.Everyone is a wannabe critic :D

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Excellent work. As Wes said, the heel looks amazing. I like your binding job and the headstock shape. I'm not sure I associate the word 'brutal' with a butterfly, but your inlays look great.

What is the thing between the bridge and the tailpiece? I've never seen a piezo in person.

Also, Please tell us more about your finishing schedule. The gloss front with matte back is very tasteful.

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Thanx to all of You, guys! I'm really pleased to read so nice comments

immortalx, I don't want to sell this guitar for some reasons, but I can build a copy or make it with features suitable to You

wisdom727, it's a piezo wire and I put it into a string ferrule. finishing is standard and simple on top (stain, nitro sealer, 2 or 3 coats of tinted laquer and nitro top coats), but back is oiled.

peterbrown, something in Tele style

Osorio, maybe I should try :D)))

p.s. sorry, english is not my best

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