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Prs Top Problem?

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For my 3rd build, Ive started a PRS style guitar, with a figured, although non-flamed or spalted, birdseye maple top. But, due to slip on the bandsaw when dividing the top, I ended up with a top 1/4" rather than 3/8" to 1/2". But, I glued it onto the mahogany regardless, as I had an idea.

Basically, the carve will be the same as on a PRS, although I will go through the top in the carve, such as where you almost need to break through with the neck cut away. So it will almost be as if the guitar was made of multiple layers with the carve, albeit there are only 2, as you have the body wood, the top carve, and the flat part of the top.

Has this been done before? Is this ingenuity or stupidity? I think it should yield a unique effect on the guitar.

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I did this same type of thing on purpose with a guitar I built last year where I had walnut as the top and alder behind it. If it weren't for some stupidity on my part, it would have turned out absolutely incredible. As it is, it still turned out quite nice, though not as nice as it could have been.

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