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Truss Channel Fixed!

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Well I got carried away carving my neck the other day and did this...



BUT I think I fixed it up fairly well.

First thing I did was get some thin strips of walnut. I soaked a piece in water for an hour or so to make it pliable. I then covered the neck of my guitar with plastic to keep it dry. I put the walnut on the neck and wrapped mason string all around it super tight. (constrictor knot to the rescue!)

like so..


The next day I removed the walnut (which was now the same shape as the neck carve) and glued it on using the same wrapping method.


After a night of scraping rasping and light sanding I ended up with this!




I know its not super pretty or an ingenious invisible fix but I couldn't let this mistake ruin the whole effort. The neck is pretty shreddy feeling which is no big deal its a seven string so the extra size makes it comfortable but real fast. The back is a tiny bit flattish but I'm satisfied and I'm going to leave it until final sanding.

Please tell me what you think!

PS. Thank you to anyone who helped out in the other thread, I appreciate it :D

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Nice job on the recovery. I would have given up on it early on and ended up making a new neck, but you decided to fix and and found a way to make it work and executed it very well. Congrats!. It is super looking, but it doesn't look that bad either. The only thing I'll pick it, is in the top down shot the right hand side has a very smooth and symmetrical curve and the left side is a little more jagged. I would do a little light sanding or scraping work to smooth the left side a little more. More than likely the jagged areas are from low spots, so they should clean up during sanding, since they are only marginally lower.

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