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Large Fretboard Inlay: Pieces Or Whole?

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my opinion? either - just remember that the MOP/Shell will crack if too much pressure is put on it from the fret tang so you'll have to make the gap wider than the tang & it will require the fret to be glued in place.

But jahnj1 is also correct that using two separate pieces can be more efficient on material. but if you want to use a single piece there's nothing stopping you as long as you slot it correctly

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Whenever possible, I always put it is as one piece and then reopen the slots. This gives a better look since everything lined up perfect and it goes completely under the frets. Be sure not to pound the frets in, but to press them in. Here is a pic before reslotting. You can see that this would have to tricky to fretspan out.


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I agree with cSuttle. I would not suggest a gap between the fret tang and the inlay. It is the fret barb that holds in the fret. The thickness of a piece of inlay is generally larger than the distance between the bottom of the fret crown and the top of the barb. If the barb is not seated onto anything your fret may pop up or be spongy. Adding glue is an option (I use it regardless) but I would just take it slow seating a fret into an inlayed neck especially without a fret press..

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