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What Truss Rod I Need To Buy To Replace The Existing One In My Rg1527z

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This is my first post here. Always Im reading the forum and the web. Thank you for the information.

I have a big problem with my truss rod. Its a factory problem (@!#). When I bought the guitar it came with a defective truss rod but I did not have the experience to realize the problem. When I adjusted the truss rod I realized that the wrench not grasped the entire length of truss rod nut but I gave not importance. Until a day the truss rod nut was rolled. I thought it was my guilty. I imported new truss rod nuts and yesterday I discovered two big problems in the truss rod:

1) It was inevitable to destroy truss rod nuts because the exposed truss rod thread is crooked. For that reason I was not able to use the entire lenght of the nut of the truss rod because the wrench dont enter correctly because the limited space and the crooked situation. So, I dig the wood around the area to leave more space and then I discovered the second big problem.

2) As the truss rod thread is crooked, I cant have access to all the thread so I cant put the neck straight. Very, very bad news.

I was going to do a refret but with that problem I can't do anything. I cant put the neck straight. .





* What Truss Rod I need to specific buy for my guitar?

* When I put out the fingerboard from the neck: Can I reuse the fingerboard and glue it again or I need to buy a new one?

Thank you in advance for the help.

p.s. English is not my native language


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Contacting Ibanez directly or perhaps the guy at www.ibanezrules.com may be the best way to get the proper replacement truss rod. You can reuse the fretboard if you remove it carefully. There's a nice tutorial in the tutorial section on this site for how to do it here:




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