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Washburn Wm 24 Refinish

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I recently bought a new Washburn WM 24 made in Indonesia from Ebay for under $200. I like the price, size of the neck, the epoxy fretboard, and the general shape of the body. It has some pretty aggressive horns so I decided to refinish it and reshape the horns. After I used a heat gun to remove the paint I found that the body was not mahogany like it was advertised to be. The neck is definitely mahogany and the body is a lot lighter color with a grain that looks like ash. Since there was a black tinted sanding sealer I couldn't get a good look at it. I took a picture of the end grain which I can post later. The body is pretty heavy so I don't think it's basswood. Any ideas as to what it might be? I know the picture of the end grain will help, I just don't have my phone with me right now. I'm not concerned, just interested to know what it might be and why such a mistake may be made in the advertising. Also, I got a rash on my had after sanding some sanding sealer recently. Has anyone else had this problem in the past? I bought some gloves and some steroid cream and no problems since.

Have a great day,


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