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Haze Developed On Refinish -- Wondering Why?

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A couple of years ago, I repainted an Ibanez solid body. I prepped it well, primed with Duplicolor "Sandable Primer" (unable to determine exactly what type of paint that is, but was assured it was compatible with the color coat) and used a Duplicolor acrylic lacquer for the color coat. Coats were applied 3/day over 3-4 days. I allowed it to cure for a couple of months and then cleared with Duplicolor clear (same line of paint). That cured for another couple of months and then I buffed with 3M Perfect-It II. I was satisfied with the results, and did not use a swirl remover compound. Finally, I polished with 3M Finesse polish.

It looked good for several weeks and then started to develop a whitish haze which grew worse over time. Eventually, I could actually wipe or "draw" in the haze layer with a finger or cloth as if I were writing in frost on a window. The haze could be polished off, but it left an uneven appearance in the finish. I was disgusted and frustrated and left it alone for about 6-8 months. Finally, yesterday I stripped off all the hardware and resanded (wet) with 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000. I then buffed it using a sheepskin soft polishing pad on a hand drill or by hand (edges). Now it's approximately back to where I was a year ago. I'm reluctant to use any kind of swirl remover or polish on it for fear the haze will reappear.

Anyone have any clues where I went wrong here? I'm wondering if the acrylic lacquer failed to cure despite months of curing, and/or reacted poorly with one of the 3M finishing products. Or perhaps there was too much residual polish left on the guitar and it simply turned white over time? I've seen similar things happen with car wax when someone failed to get it all buffed out.

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I would probably rule out that it was something you introduced after the process was finished. I would tend to believe it was something in the finish that surfaced over time. I have not heard of such a thing happening that long afterwords. But maybe it was something you didn't notice was happening until much later once the finish was polished.

My first though would be something got into the finish such as moisture from inappropriate filtering of the compressed air. now it is slowly oozing up through the finish. I am not an expert this is just my first though.. But if you dont have a good filter system on your compressor..bingo...

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OK, thanks. I agree that moisture could be the culprit. It seems like it was on the surface so the resanding hopefully took care of it. My inclination is to just let the body sit for awhile (weeks or months) and see if whatever caused the problem resurfaces. If it does, I'll completely restrip and start over.

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