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Jack Wiring Problem?


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I bought this kit guitar and have wired it up according to the instructions (or lack thereof), and I don't have any power at all, no clicking or anything. I'm thinking the jack might not be wired right. I looked at another guitar I have and it isn't wired like this one, but this one has one more wire than my other one. Here are pics of the current wiring, and I'm wondering if the blue wire with the bare and shielded wires needs to be split or something. The white wire is soldered on the back of the volume pot as instructed. The pics aren't great, but the blue wire on the jack has both of it's wires (bare and shielded) soldered to the same tab, which might not even be the right tab.



Any help in getting this sorted out is greatly appreciated!



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Remove the white wire completely. On the blue wire at the jack socket, you need the screen soldered to the tab that is connected to the outer ring of the socket, and the centre core soldered to the tab that is connected to the centre blade that is sticking up.

At the pot end, the screen should be soldered to the body of the pot, and the centre core should be connected to the output tab of the pot.

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