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"original" Floyd Rose - No Fine Tuners

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This is a strange bridge. I dislike Floyds, I rip my hands on the enourmous ugly fine tuner

assembly and though I've learned to set them up well, They are really quite a pain. But

when I got this in the 80s, Floyd was about the only game in town (I wasn't routing a '63

strat for a Kahler). I intonated this for a 25 1/2" neck using 11s and shimmed it for about a 9 1/2"

radius. It is in excellent condition and when it's set up as Floyds should be set up.... it works

as Floyds should work and stayed in tune quite well. It's just the stiffness and feel of Floyds

I dislike.

On top is simply says Floyd Rose. But on the bottom it says Made in Germany, which makes me think

it is a Schaller liscensed Floyd? I just thought that only Floyd made non-fine tuner Floyds however.

But it is for sure a very high quality bridge not cheap cast pot metal at all. I use Tremkings on my

strats, customs and jagmasters now or sometimes Kahlers on my own custom made "Kiirakasters".

They're not in the picture but it comes with the claw and 5 springs. I'll include both allen keys

you need and some shim material if you need it to set up your fretboard radius. Whee, Fun. It used

it without locking tuners, and it worked fine but if anyone wants to buy this I will throw in some

high quality gold Sperzels pretty cheep if you need some.

Write to kiira_triea@yahoo.com for questions. Thank you


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