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Painted Necks

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I've noticed that most guitars built here do not have painted necks ... is there a reason for that? I'm working on a neck right now where I'm going to have to make a repair, and was wondering if that's not considered an option for some reason.



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I paint or clear all of my necks.The reason a lot of guys on here don't is because they believe it feels better natural.I don't...I don't like my necks to be impregnated with sweat and grime after playing them for a while.So I paint or clear them...

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I believe that ESDictor ment "painted" like the neck has some opaque colour on it like this:


Or am I wrong? :D

You are 100% correct. I have had a few mishaps while working on my neck, and I'd like to hide them if possible. I was always planning to paint the guitar a solid color, so I was just checking if there was some rule against (heh) painting a neck :D

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