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Clear Coating Over Non-catalyzed Acrylic Enamel?

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I'm painting a headstock with a rattle can, matched to the body color. The guys at the auto paint supplier cautioned me about the fact that when mixed in an aerosol, it's non-catalyzed paint and therefore if I tried to clear coat over it, I'd get a bubbled mess as the chemicals in the paint reacted with the clear. The can says that this stuff is acrylic enamel which I have no prior experience with.

My question is this -- I need to apply a vinyl decal once the color coat has dried (by the way, how long might that take with acrylic enamel?). In the past, I've always CC'd on top of that, but I was using different paint types. Is it correct that the non-catalyzed acrylic enamel will NEVER cure completely enough to CC over it? If that is the case, I suppose I'll just have to be exceedingly careful to never damage the the painted headstock.



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