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neck pockets?

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A couple things:

First, is there anywhere to download a pattern for a Jazz bass neck pocket, or is it worth it to buy the Stewmac Template?

Also, how much of my body should I cut out before routing the neck pocket (assuming I have neck in hand already)?

This is my first bass, thanks for the :D !

Dan D


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As far as I know all Fender basses use the same size neck pocket. The same as on the P-Bass which is 5/8" (16mm) deep and 3 5/8 (94 mm) long.

I have just sent a plan for a P-bass to Brian which he will post soon. You can get the dimensions off of that.


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I've used the Stew-Mac template with success on the strat side of the template using a Fender neck......You may want to make some test cuts first building out the inside of the template with some tape...a couple layers should do(@.006-.020in).....MAKE TEST POCKETS FIRST!!!!!....until you get the fit you are looking for. Remember to allow for the thickness of the final finish. The Stew-Mac template is cut slightly larger to compensate for different manufacturers' necks. I'm about to dive into the bass side of the plate and don't see any problems.

As far as what to cut or route first.......I'd cut the body shape before cutting the neck pocket......being careful when you route out the pocket not to tear out any material around the area where the pocket and body edge meet. As long as you have a good center line, it probably doesn't matter which step you do first....but, I'd still cut out the body first, maybe leaving the area around the pocket a bit fat, so you can get a better flush fit when you fit the neck.

Did I make any sense? It is 4:45AM and I can't sleep!

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i thought the stew mac temp's were made a bit larger to allow for router collets/bushings??

I would cut out the neck pocket BEFORE you cut out the body, or at least the horns section otherwise it can get a bit tricky balancing the router correctly. But hey... that's just me.

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I have been using that template without any problems with just a pattern bit. Of course, I'm not trying to fit an existing Fender neck into the pocket though. I have also done pockets without the template. To do this, just take two straight boards and place them along side the neck (make sure the neck is perfectly positioned). Clamp the boards down (or double stick tape). Place a third board between them to act as the stop for the length of the pocket. You can then route with a pattern bit.

Practice before doing it on the real thing.

Concerning the cutting question, people do it many ways. I prefer to route the pocket before anything else. It gives you the most support for your template and helps keep it level with the body. You can do it after cutting the body outline also.

Good luck.


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