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Gotoh Bridge

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Im just starting designing my first guitar, and know that I want a Tune-o-matic bridge.

Since its just my first, Im trying to make it pretty cheap cuz Ill probably fail anyways :D

So Im just going with the gotoh bridge, as it is the cheapest at stewmac and warmoth. But on stewmac, there is a choice between whether you want studs+bushings or standard posts.

Whats the difference, and the pros&cons??

Heres the link:


Thanks guys! :D

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The standard posts are little thin posts with thumbwheels on them while the posts are more substantial and can be adjusted from the top (as opposed to the side) using a flat head screwdriver. This is preferred when recessing the bridge. If you aren't recessing the bridge, you could go with either, but I'm a sucker for the stud mounted version. If you want to go real cheap, you can find ones on ebay for really cheap, but the quality will likely be reflected in that. Best of luck and remember, failing is all in how you define it :D

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Yeah. I hate them. Spindly little things which bend over time if you use high gauge strings. They're probably made of better material than the ones I've had the misfortune to abuse, but I still prefer the flat blade adjustment method. Its personal preference of course, but the spindly inadequate things are vintage correct I guess.

I'll sit on the fence next week. :D

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