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Looking For Some Saving Tips


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We all know Stewmac is expensive in the tool department. I'm looking for some cost saving alternatives to a few items:

Radius sanding beam - $125

Japanese Fret Saw System - $109

Fretboard leveling files - $108

I can spend the money and don't want to cheap out on junk, but are there less expensive but equally effective alternatives?

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I made my own miter box for the fret slotting saw and it works great. It took about 30 minutes and was made entirely of scrap MDF. As for a long radiusing beam, you could always make one with your router using the tutorials on this site. I love the look of that bar sander for $9.

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Or, just get the small beams and then make a carriage jig with your router to route in the radius. I'be done both, and although I loved the long beam when I had access to it... I like the jig and short beam combo plenty to deter me buying a long beam for each radius I use.


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