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Would This Setup Work?


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So I'm building my first guitar, and the thing I'm worried most about is the electronics. I want it to not just look cool, but actually have a decent sound to it so I'd want to play it. So here's what I was thinking:

Have a 500k Seymour Duncan Liberator. I hate soldering and honestly, might change pickups frequently to try out new sounds so I want to go solderless, and since it's also "universal", I can use other brands of pickups with it.

Have an EMG H2-B humbucker in the neck position and an EMG H1-B in the bridge position. Making it a dual humbucker . . .

Use an EMG 3 way TELE selector

Have a mono output jack and finish with a Double Locking Tremolo bridge.

This is my first build, so I'm guessing this setup sounds a bit noobish in terms of things not working together, things not serving a purpose, etc, which is why I'm asking before I buy. Basically, I'm just looking for will this setup fit no problem or do I need to buy other things to make it work, or is there anything I can buy to make it work even better?

BTW, here is a diagram I used:


Two humbuckers (EMGs), 3 way selector, volume pot (Liberator . . . right?) and output jack.

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