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Rotary Switch Shorting Problems


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hey guys,

ok so having problems with a rotary switch idea n was wondering if anyone here has any advice.

neck pickup is a single coil, bridge pickup a humbucker. i have a 6 way 4 pole rotary switch n would like to achieve

1 - hum series

2 - hum parallel

3 - south coil hum + single coil out of phase

4 - south coil hum

5 - all in series... single to north coil hum to south coil hum

6 - single coil

would be simple enough.. however i would like the humbucker to have its own volume and tone pots and for the single coil to have its own volume and tone pots in position 3 and 6 but use the humbuckers volume and tone in position 4.

this is where it got complicated.


the squiggly line b1-a2 are where i think the circuit is shorting n will make my humbucker run in parallel all the time? but the alternative is b1-c2 which would make my volume n tone only work for south coil?

and im not entirely sure my single coil is gonna work the way im wishing either?

can anyone take a look and let me know if im on the right tracks? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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