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Prs Carving Patterns

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There aren't any drawings that I am aware of. It's mostly a feel-as-you-go type of thing. Generally you will have a 1/2" carve depth from center to edge. Others with more experience will chime in later, I'm sure.

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I have an EXACT template for the body shape, so if you need two dimensional body measurements, I can give you those. As for the carve, I was unable to get a pattern.

But, I can tell you that the tops are 1/2 inch and carve down until about 3/16ths remain uncarved, so you get a sort of "binding" look. Other than that, I would pencil in a carve that you like and go with it. The things that make hand made guitars special is the fact that they variate from the actual style, and thats what makes it original.

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