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Another neck-through ??????

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i think you mean,

with just a fingerboard and a flat neck blank you're going to have to

a. angle the neck


b. sink the bridge into the guitar.

c. would be using the proper peice of wood for the neck. There the body part of the neck thru is a little thinner then the neck blank it's self so that the fingerboard will sit about 1/8 higher then the body. Wes can probably explain it better once he sees the thread, i think he also has pics.

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yeah,like derek said....the bottom of the fingerboard usually sits above the body of the guitar if the neck is not angled.how much depends on the height of the bridge.what you need to do is some math to determine how much above the body the top of the fingerboard needs to be to bring the top of your frets to a similar height to the bridge saddles.

i am tired so that may not make much sense

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