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Easy Wiring Has Me Stumped....


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I'm having a difficult time with a pretty easy wiring layout and hope someone has some advice.

2 humbuckers, 1 push/pull volume to split the neck p/u, 2 tones, 3 way toggle. Everything is wired and works properly except when the 3-way is in the middle position, the tone controls are linked. Specifically, when the 3-way is in the middle and I turn the neck tone, both the bridge and neck pickups are affected equally. Same with the bridge tone. This is only happening when the 3-way is in the middle position.

What am I missing here?

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The problem is that a three way switch like that just jumps the two signals together, so in that position you have the two tone circuits in parallel. That is just an inherent characteristic in having it wired that way with that kind of switch, unless you are using any special parts, which it doesn't look like.

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