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Gluing a Body Blank

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As of next week, im starting my first building project which is a V style body for an existing neck. The body will be a Gibson style V, TOM bridge, strings through body and one PU rout. The body will probably be made from mahogany with a bolt on maple neck that I already have. Obviously I will have to glue the wood to make a blank big enough, but im wondering about the approach

Most bodies seem to be glued in their centre. Is there a real reason for this? The Charvel ive been working on has the top third of the body glued and im wondering if this was intentional or not.

Common sence says that gluing away from the centre reduces the strain the glue joint has to put up with once its strung up and I would have thought this would have some tonal issues as well. That said, the glue joint would thoeritically be stronger than the wood fibres themselves, so im not sure about the way to go about making the body.

My gut feeling is to glue the bottom wing onto the body blank and then cut it out. Any comments?

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i think the reason is that it looks betteron a clear finish...plus it gives you a pemanent center mark to work with

isnt that what pencils are for? :D

isn't that what erasers are for? B)

pencil marks can quickly fade with dust flying all over the place and sandpaper being used at various stages.

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If the glue joint is stronger than the wood fibers themselves, woulden't it make sense to join the sides down the center? Or am i not understanding? At any rate if your still unsure when you go to build, go with your gut. :D

good luck

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Having the pieces glued on center really does help. I think you might be surprised at how much human error can be introduced when you have to redraw the line several times and after neck and pickup / bridge cavities have been routed.

I think there are probably more reasons to glue it on center than not. Having said that, I have built one off center and it has no problems. I just wouldn't want to use a transparent finish on it.

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