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Frets Bending Up On Side From Fb

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I have some frets on a old Brand-name Classic neck that is protruding, bending up perpendicular to the fretboard surface, on the sides of the FB - flat in middle.

You can press the fret-ends down by hand, about 0.5-1 mm, but as soon as you let go they rise again.

The guitar is really Old, so humidity has no short time passing affect on this, either way.

More like Metal fatigue, plastically getting back to it's original shape.

I was thinking of applying some wood glue at the sides while pressing down for setting, but then you have to make sure that the (new) Fretboard-flat position of the fret won't be out of line and causing fretbuzz and whatever.

Maybe superglue, as suggested.

Has Anyone done it?

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Old guitar? and old frets? Pull the frets, resize the slots, refret the guitar. If ALL of the fret ends are popping out then you may as well do it right. If it was just the odd fret I might suggest superglue and clamp for a few minutes. OR pull the fret, overbend it slightly and reseat into the slot THE OTHER WAY ROUND. That way the fret tangs bite into new wood.

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