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Lex Luthier

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Here it is! :D




It's a 6" X 99" Horizontal/Vertical Edge Belt Sander by Strike. The whole belt sander portion actually flips on it's side, instead of the table tilting, and the belt actually ostilates(sp?) too. I've been playing aroung with it a little. I took the back cover off, so I don't have to always remove it to change belts, and the dust chute cover is off, for now. I also made some adjusments to the table, to make it raise and lower easier.

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Nice and HUGE.

My sander is convertible from upright to horizontal. I like the upright for neck shaping etc, because it gives me more control.

I also got mine at a great deal, through connections (ie, i work at a hardware store = 10% discount + coupons + friends and family night = just about 50% off. :-D).


-the M of MKG

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Nice equipment. What jobs are you intending on doing with your new belt sander?

I just shaped the neck of a bass I'm making, and I'll also use it to radius the fingerboard. Also headstock thicknessing and fingerboard gluing surface truing, and there's other stuff.

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