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What To Do With This Piece Of Cherry?

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So.... obviously.... it's been a while - we all know the reasons, work, family, life... anyway here the first new shots of that chunk of cherry. I'm calling it the Celticaster. I'm sure opinions will vary wildly here, but it's an experiment. It's wet w/ Mineral Spirits in the pics. I guess if nothing else - it's a unique twist on doing a 'carve top'

Body Shot:


A bit of clean up to sharpening some of the curves and then it's time to decide if I should fill the low spots with a lightly colored epoxy.... or just leave it all clear.

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looks good but i dont think i would have carved under the bridge :D


and now you know the point in time at which I started highly considering filling in everything with epoxy.... I had outlined the bridge and everything, and just went on a carving frenzy, paying more attention to the lines I had drawn for the knots than anything else..

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