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Xaviere Xv-890


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Zero posts in the Players' Corner? Here's my contribution.

The new Xaviere XV-890

This isn't really a review, as I don't own this guitar, but I do own one other Xaviere that gets a lot of play time. But check this out. It's a set neck drop top with flame maple over poplar, maple neck with bound fretboard and fancy inlay, Genuine Floyd Rose bridge and GFS pickups? $239?! I have no need of this thing, but please people...if there's stuff like this on the market, please leave the Squier Affinities at GC. You don't even have to replace the pickups in this one.


Obligatory PS: I am in no way affiliated with GFS or Xaviere Guitars. I am, however, a big fan of the company's products.

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I am a big fan of Xavierre's bang for the buck.I have an LP of theirs and it is honestly better than most $500 guitars...never in a million years would I say it is equivalent to a Gibson LP,but the finish is very,very nice,the body woods are very nice,it sounds good,and it is set up well right out of the box.

And yes,the quality is better than the squire affinity.But do keep in mind that Floyd is the cheap one...it is not an "original" and it won't last as long,but I do think the true "original" is a direct drop in.

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I have a Strat-type Xaviere that I've done a lot of work on. If I had money to drop on a new guitar right now, it would more likely go toward one of those fancy Agile guitars, which are basically the same sort of deal, but a bit more unconventional. But the guys at Guitar Fetish have always been so kind to me that I'm always glad to promote their business, provided I can continue to remain ignorant regarding their manufacturing processes. *whistles*

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The electronics on the GFS are better.so is the hardware.

That is judging from the one Agile I bought years ago(which settled into uselessness with failed glue joints within less than a year)and the one Xaviere I bout about 2 years ago,which is still doing fine.I will never buy an Agile again,just like I will never buy a Chinese "Gibson" forgery from Too Too Mart again.Not all chinese factories are the same,obviously,and the quality is going to greatly depend on the inspection and refusal of inferior merchandise by the company buying the merchandise.I suspect GFS has a more effective inspection process.

Obviously if a Chinese factory can sell a shoddy guitar for the same price as a well built one,they are going to save the time and do just that.

I went through a time period where I bought and played almost every guitar brand ever mentioned on here,and only a very select few were worth the money.I discovered most guys bragging about Epiphones,Agile,etc just really seemed to be clueless aboutwhat a quality guitar should feel and play like.Not surprising,really,since the market is so flooded with junk,but nonetheless,only a few were ever what I considered worth the price paid.

the GFS guitar was well worth the price paid,and so were the Edwards,Gibsons,KXK,and the LTD AX that was manufactured in Vietnam.

Of course,the Gibsons,Edwards,etc were more expensive,but they were better quality as well.The best quality guitars you can buy for around $1000 are the Edwards(on ebay).They are flawless in every aspect.As good as any guitar you can ever buy at any price.Made in Japan.I have a Forest GT.

Gibsons have the best resale value.

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A lot of people rave about the agiles...I just don't think they are any better than the Epiphones that are their main competition.

The high points on the Xaviere I have is the gorgeous piece of mahogany that is the body,the nice piece of thick flamed maple on the top,the very nice burst,flawless mirror finish,and the setup...the pickups were the "crunchy pats" and are good enough I saw no need to change them out(that is very rare for me)..

The only really cheesy part for me was the inlays...the headstock is ugly,too,but so are the Agile's headstocks.

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I pulled out my Xaviere and have been playing it this week.It really is very nice.I don't know how they do it at that price.

Admittedly,everything is a "no name",but it is all quality and the tone of the "crunchy pats" on the mahogany/maple body is just exactly like a good Gibson LP with overwound passives...

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