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Butternut Stand

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Thanks Y'all. This one came in at 16 pounds. It's got several board feet in it. Since it's Butternut it weighs about half of what it looks like it should. Almost as light as Balsa. It has a Marine Spar varnish as well, which accounts for 1/3 of the weight:)


My next build will be Curly Maple to match a Custom Vibrolux cab made out of the same:)


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So, when are you going to build some guitars? :D

.. or maybe some guitar stands? :D

I've got a lot to learn before I'm ready to tackle a guitar, especially anything acoustic. I'm gonna branch out into guitar stands and music stands very soon. I just finished building my steamer box yesterday so I can do some wood bending:) I'll probably try it out today, but I have a lot of radial bending jigs to build before I can really start a serious build. I'm hoping to incorporate some wood bending ito the stands as well when I get good enough at it:)

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